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Any tips and tricks when making choux pastry so it won’t be flat?
Good choux pastry will expand to perfection when baked. The color will turn golden brown, with crispy outer part and enough hollow space in the middle to be filled with custard. Here
How do I make the Rainbow Topping?
Who says that bread could not look pretty and colorful? Here are some tips in making the Rainbow Topping: Use good quality ingredients. After the rainbow
What is the difference between Single Fold and Double Fold in Puff Pastry making?
Single fold technique: Divide the dough into 3 parts on its length. Fold the outer part on
How do I make my cookies crunchy and light?
A frequent question that has been asked when baking cookies is, should we only use low protein flour? What if I want to use medium protein flour? Will the result be as good? Actually,
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© 2021 PT. Pundi Kencana. All rights reserved.