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Sourdough Method

In bakery industry, ensuring that the products have a good quality and longer shelf life is very essential and important.
Now, Pundi Kencana’s team will share tips to extend your product’s shelf life by changing the formula using the sourdough method.
What is Sourdough?
Sourdough is a natural method to extend the bread’s shelf life. According to history, bread was first made in Egypt around 3000-4000 BC. Sourdough process itself was still in use until the mid-1800s when the commercial yeast was introduced. However, the sourdough method was not entirely lost. Bakers in certain regions kept using the sourdough method since commercial yeast was not readily available where they live.
What is the concept of sourdough?
  • Sourdough starts with all-natural ingredients.
  • Cultivating microorganisms that enable fermentation.
  • Breeding cultures.
Sourdough starter is made by mixing a certain amount of flour and water, so biochemical reactions would occur through fermentation. Water can also be replaced with fruit juice. After that, do the feeding every 6 hours during the first week and every 4 hours during the second week. After the second week, the starter will be ready for use.
When will the sourdough / starter be ready to use?
After going through the process in the second week, the starter can already be used to start the fermentation. It should be able to expand 3 times of its original volume after 8 hours. When the surface of the dough collapses a little in the middle, it means the starter is ready for use.
© 2021 PT. Pundi Kencana. All rights reserved.
© 2021 PT. Pundi Kencana. All rights reserved.